Meet the Perfect Date

Now you can add whole food nutrition and sweet satisfaction to any workout, any meal, any journey—anytime. Welcome to a healthier lifestyle.

A Natural
Food Wonder

Shelf Stable
Nut Free
Energy Rich
Fiber Rich
Only 2 or 3
Low Glycemic
Kosher Certified
Gluten Free
Potassium Rich
No Added Sugar
or Preservatives

A Date You Can Take Anywhere

DATEFIX reimagines the date and transforms this ancient source of sustenance into a modern day food convenience with no compromises.  The perfect snack for running errands or running marathons.

Where To Find Us

The Inspiration

As an avid long distance runner who appreciates the joys of food and the benefits of healthy eating and resistance training, it became clear that consuming hard-to-digest, chemically made gels in pursuit of fitness was a contradiction begging for a natural alternative.

So I took the delicious dates hiding in my favorite, homemade pastry and packed their whole food goodness into single-serve, squeeze packs, and behold, DATEFIX was born.

—Alan, Founder